Tuesday, 5 November 2013

So far, so second year.

Happy Daisy
Second year is proving to be tough. Long days and little time.

So far this term has been group project, after group project, which is something I find difficult. I've been feeling all the same insecurities as last year - but I'm trying. It hasn't been all bad - I spent two days in the print rooms last week, working on my first screen prints - which was really fun. I haven't really had much time to myself however, which is why content has been thin on the ground here. Too many late night library nights.

I am okay. I turned twenty-three last weekend which is pretty scary.

I'm going to try to update here more often, but I can't make any promises. At the moment just finding time to cook proper dinners and wash my hair is hard enough.

A ♥

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