Thursday, 4 July 2013

Yarn Store Spotlight: Retrosaria

Yarn Store Spotlight Happy Daisy
The second store to be featured as part of my new Yarn Store Spotlight series, is Retrosaria - a brick and mortar store in Lisbon, Portugal with an attached online store. 
Happy Daisy Rosa Pomar Retrosaria Yarn Store Spotlight
Run by the multitalented Rosa Pomar, Retrosaria is a fabulous knitting and haberdashery store. I was drawn to their stock of beautiful Portuguese yarns purely because I'm a fan of anything that's a little out of the ordinary.
Happy Daisy Retrosaria Yarn Store Spotlight
Re-Use Rosários 4 is yarn made from recycled denim and it has a lovely dense texture.
Happy Daisy Retrosaria Yarn Store Spotlight
yarns pictured are: Beiroa 2 PlyBucos MeiaMirandesa and Mé-mé 2ply
They stock a lot of natural, undyed yarns - which are beautiful in their own right, but would also be fun to home dye.

Unfortunately I can't speak for the brick and mortar store - although if I'm ever in Lisbon, I will definitely be visiting. The online shop is really easy to navigate, with translations of everything into English, and complete with an English FAQ. Here's a couple of photos of my yarn order...
Happy Daisy Retrosaria Yarn Store Spotlight Knitting Adventures
Happy Daisy Retrosaria Yarn Store Spotlight Knitting Adventures

If you're a fan of knitting or textile and fiber arts, I wholeheartedly recommend having a look at some of Rosa's work. You can find her here:
Blog - written in her native Portuguese but easily translated with google.
Pinterest. Flickr.

A ♥

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