Monday, 20 August 2012

Look What I Made: Crochet Rag Rug

Happy Daisy Crochet Rug Craft Handmade 
It's been on the Craft List for longer than I care to remember and the reason I wanted to learn to crochet (that and make granny squares of course). I finally got around to it. Made with fabric scraps and old clothing, it's 100% eco and more to the point, really comfy on my toes. 
Happy Daisy Crochet Rug Craft HandmadeHappy Daisy Crafts Rug Crochet Handmade
It's going to take pride of place in my flat - which is full of laminate flooring - not the cosiest of surfaces! 
Happy Daisy Crochet Rug Craft Handmade
Have you got anything on your craft list that you haven't had a chance to get around to yet? Make time! It'll be so worth it in the end. 

A ♥

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  1. Hi Amy, I love your cute blog! Always good to meet a fellow crafty Londoner. Great work on the rag rug, it's awesome! x


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