Thursday, 8 March 2012

A little restyle...

Happy Daisy Crafts
Yesterday I restyled an old blue jumper that I bought secondhand a couple of years back (a mistake purchase, pale blue is not a good jumper colour), into a cozy hot water bottle cover. Sometime's a just-for-fun project is exactly what's needed! I borrowed this book from the library last year, and was lucky enough to receive a copy for my birthday, and I want to work through some of the ideas in it, to push me out of my craft comfort zone! There's some really cute projects and the photography is brilliant.
I talk about the book in a little bit more detail here.
Happy Daisy Crafts
It was a pretty productive day all round, I did some dyeing, stamping, ironing, sewing, knitting... keeping busy - that's what a day off's for, right?! ;) I've got quite a Craft To Do List growing in my art journal, plenty to keep me occupied until the end of Lent, when I can resume my endless hours perusing flickr/tumblr/facebook/pinterest!*

A ♥
* Joking. On the contrary, am hoping to be a reformed technology addict! ;) 

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