Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Lent: My 40 Days Of Sacrifice

Happy Daisy Lent
"boundless energy and intelligence in a world without electronic sedatives" - a description of William Morris from this book.

I think I should start this post by saying I'm not religious, but ever since first learning about Lent in primary school, I have given something up every year, for the 40 day period until Easter Sunday (that first year, it was fizzy drinks!). I love a challenge! In the past I've given up my straightening iron, crisps, sweets and chocolate (I did that for several years in a row), msn messenger - this was right before I sat my GCSE exams and was a pretty wise move, and last year I gave up my laptop.

Giving up my laptop was probably the one that impacted me the most, I am a slave to technology and it's not a quality that I particularly admire in myself. I still had my iPhone (which I something I would quite like to give up, but I pay a pretty hefty contract for it, so it would be kind of silly at the moment) for checking emails etc, but internet browsing on my phone is a bit of a headache to be honest, it makes my eyes go funny after a while. Yup. I'm an old lady really. But instead of spending hours on twitter/tumblr/facebook/flickr I knitted my very first hat! I can't remember what else I achieved - my memory is non-existent - but I do recall spending a lot less time alone in my bedroom, and a lot more time listening to audiobooks and the radio.

This year I'm giving up chocolate and making a distinct effort to eat healthier snacks and get my 5-a-day. I'm also going to drastically reduce my computer access to 45 minutes a day - for blogging and UCAS purposes, with a complete blanket ban on Facebook, because it's pure evil!* Hopefully by Easter I'll be a healthier, slightly thinner, more well-rounded person! Either that, or I'll have gone completely stir-crazy!
♥ A

*evil may be a slight exaggeration, but only a slight one. I don't like FB, it conducts misery far too easily!
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