Thursday, 22 March 2012

Let's make stuff

Happy Daisy

1. Draw the ends of things.
2. Fill a journal page with receipts. 
3. Write down one good thought every day for a month. 
4. Draw your biggest fear. 
5. Find a quote that inspires you and write it in your journal in big letters.
6. Draw your hair.
7. Write a list of unimportant or overlooked things.
8. Fill a page with found cardboard. 
9. Write about the weather.
10. Make a crown.
11. Write inspirational notes and leave them for people to find.
12. Draw your dream.
13. Give yourself a temporary tattoo.
14. Make a list of all the things you regret. Destroy it.
15. Write your own horoscope. 
16. Make a dreamcatcher.
17. Document some of the letters you see today.
18. Write out the lyrics to your favourite song. Choose a line and make art based upon it.
19. Make a movie poster for your favourite film.
20. Use everyday objects to make jewellery.

I've finished my portfolio and I need to get my teeth into a new project, in an attempt to stir up some new ideas, I've written the above prompts to help me on my way! Feel free to join in if you want :)

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