Sunday, 4 December 2011

25 Days Of Christmas:: Day 4 :: My Favourite Christmas Films

Day Four! Sorry it's so late in the day, I've spent a lot of the day on The Journey From Hell, and I didn't think to schedule a post... Oops! Anyway, today I want to share some of my favourite Christmas films... I'm quite militant about these, I will only watch them in December (otherwise I spend ages moping that Christmas is ages away).

Love Actually - until last Christmas this held the top spot in my heart, it never fails to make me smile, I love Kris Marshall and Bill Nighy, and Alan Rickman and Emma Thompson's storyline makes me cry. The interlocking stories are fabulous, and it's set in London, what more could you want for Christmas?

The Holiday - current favourite for the following reasons - 1, I first saw it the year before last, so the magic hasn't worn off yet. 2, Kate Winslet's cottage is my dream home, I don't care how many times I got my heart broken, if I lived there, nothing would ever make me leave! 3, As films go, it's pretty romantic, and I am, at heart (and especially at Christmas) a sap.

Father Christmas - If you haven't seen this film, you should watch it. Particularly if you're going to be surrounded by children this Christmas! Slightly cheerier than it's sister film The Snowman, Father Christmas tells the story of the year Santa needs to relax, so when Christmas is over, he goes on his travels, trying to holiday without being recognised. Will he make it back in time for next Christmas? ;) It's cute and cuddly, perfect for a winters afternoon.

Happy Daisy 25 Days Of Christmas Arthur Christmas
Click here to look at the official site and synopsis. 
Arthur Christmas - I saw this at the cinema a couple of weekends ago, with my lovely friend Nicki. We both needed cheering up and a little bit of extra festive spirit, and we made the right film choice! If you're a child, or the parent of a child, or just a big kid at heart, this is the perfect Christmas film for you. I have seen some dubious children's films over the last few years, but this was not one of them! It made me laugh rather a lot, and even Nicki, who is not as big a fan of Christmas as I am, enjoyed herself! It's got a cast of famous voices, and I particularly like Ramona Marquez's little cameo as Gwen, the girl whom Santa forgets. It's a feel-good Christmas film for all the family, if it's still showing in your local cinema, it's definitely worth a watch :)

The Greatest Store In The World - There is a large chance you won't have seen this particular favourite of mine, a made-for-tv-movie from 1999, this film tells the story of a mother and her two daughters made homeless, at Christmas. It's heartwarming and funny and in places, sad. They hideout in a department store, sleeping in Beds and Bedding, and Camping and Outdoors, in the hope no one will find out, until they can find a new home, after Christmas. This is a total childhood favourite of mine, I revert to my nine year old self every time I see it! I used to watch it over and over and wore out our old VHS copy. Last year I tracked it down on DVD on ebay, and between you and me, I'm excited to sit and watch it again! (oh, and in case like me, you are nine years old at heart, S Club 7 have a cameo!) 

What's your favourite Christmas film? I am open to recommendations - five films is not enough to last me the whole holiday season! Haha :) Ax
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