Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Halloween Crown!

It's true, I've wanted an excuse to make a crown for a long time (I'm often found wearing my paper creation) but I've never got around to it, until today… Happy Daisy Halloween
It's Halloween on Monday, and we've been told we need to dress up for work this weekend (fine by me, I love dressing up!) but I was too short of time to construct an entire costume - and it needs to be functional, it gets crazy busy in store at the weekend - so I made this little fellow instead! 
Happy Daisy Halloween

This creation is inspired by Tavi and Petra's crowns, over at the lovely Rookie Magazine. 
See some gorgeous crown examples here. There's a tutorial too! I chose dark red and black roses for my crown, not my usual choices, but very Halloween-y. I added some cheapo plastic creatures from the pound shop (a pound! For 72 plastic spiders/skeletons/skulls/bats/creepy crawlies). I dipped them in PVA glue and glitter before sticking them on - you can never have too much sparkle, as well as feathers and strung beads. 

Happy Daisy Halloween
See that shirt?! I made it myself! Felt applique love.
 I was so enamoured with my crown, that I made a video of it, to show it off to it's best advantage! 

yup, apparently I really do talk like that ;) 
ps. I backcombed my hair for effect, it doesn't normally look so crazy, promise! :) Ax
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