Saturday, 29 October 2011

Show & tell

I made these back in the summer, to give to my Mum for her birthday. 
Happy Daisy art crafts
Recycled denim and felt applique. 
Happy Daisy art crafts
Happy Daisy art crafts
Revamped noticeboard necklace display!
Happy Daisy art crafts
I love this! If I wore necklaces, I would definitely make one for me.

I love giving handmade! I've now completed four knitted Christmas presents, which sounds impressive, but I started them in August. The reality of it is, I'm never going to be able to get them all done for Christmas. I'm tempted to stop and buy the rest/make something small, and concentrate on my art school application instead. This feels a bit like quitting, but something's gotta give! Alas, my presents are the only things I can compromise on (that and sleep, of course). Haha. Have you started your Christmas shopping/making yet? Axx
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