Wednesday, 4 September 2013

How Do You Make Yours?

How Do You Make Yours DIY Challenge
image from HDYMY
Kim Smith, a talented lady and someone I'm lucky enough to call my friend, has started a fabulous new Arts and Crafts DIY blog called How Do You Make Yours. The blog shares DIY tutorials complete with ideas on how to really make the projects your own. As she is a little bit of a glutton for punishment, Kim also welcomes the challenge of putting her own spin on existing tutorials. 
Happy Daisy Crochet Pot Cover DIY Tutorial HDYMY
For her latest project, I challenged her to tweak my Crochet Pot Cover tutorial from a couple of weeks back and she did a stirling job!
Check out her finished pot covers and see her DIY twists here. You can find my original tutorial here.
I look forward to seeing more fun posts on HDYMY, Kim!

I'm enjoying a last week in the countryside before I really need to get on with my schoolwork, before school starts up again on the 23rd! I hope you're having a good week!

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