Monday, 12 August 2013

Knitting Adventures: Festival Jumper

Happy Daisy Knitting Adventures Amy Edwards Green
Ready the finished-project-klaxon! I finished up my Festival Jumper over the weekend and I'm still on the high you get when you finish a big project!
Happy Daisy Knitting Adventures Amy Edwards Green
It's from a pattern in this issue of Simply Knitting magazine that I knitted with Rowan Organic Purelife Cotton in Oak Apple, it's a lightweight cotton - perfect for cool summer evenings. I was initially a little daunted by the lace stitch pattern as it's a little more complicated than anything I've attempted before, but it was actually really straightforward after the first couple of repeats!
Happy Daisy Knitting Adventures Amy Edwards Green
I've been working on it since mid May - I was getting along with it really well, but I had an enforced six week break to 'rest' on doctors orders - it turns out Repetitive Strain is actually really painful. Anyway, I took it out on Friday night and realised just how near to finishing it I was and that was all the encouragement I needed! 

It's a little shorter than the jumpers I usually wear, but I'm really happy with it. I've come a long way since knitting my first jumper last summer.

A ♥ 
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