Tuesday, 11 June 2013

A Happy Discovery: StickyGram

Stickygram Instagram
I have a slight addiction to StickyGram - I am a big fan of instagram, it's one of my favourite apps - and the idea of having my favourite photos as magnets, what's not to love?! My kitchen is very small and dull, so I'm taking it upon myself to cover the surface of my fridge with fun photos. It's really nice to be reminded of silly little memories and moments that might otherwise have been forgotten, buried deep in my iPhone memory! 
Happy Daisy Stickygram Instagram
Everyone wants to cover their fridge in cute cat photos, right?
Cute magnets. Free Shipping. Speedy Delivery. What more can I ask for?! So far I've had 4 sheets printed… They have a 3 for 2 promotional code on at the moment, to celebrate Father's Day this weekend (I took advantage of that to order some more for myself… sorry Dad!) Just enter LOVEYOUDADDIO at the checkout.

On a related note, I have yet to find anywhere that I can my photos printed as standard prints, hassle free, without breaking the bank. I know Postalpix is a popular one, but it's not available in the UK - if you know of anywhere suitable, please let me know!

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  1. aw they are so cute! you'll have to get a couple of us so we each can have a photo on the fridge. I don't have enough Amy photos :( xx


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