Friday, 17 May 2013

Waiting for Summer

Happy Daisy Amy Edwards Green
There's one week to go until final hand-in, and another until the last day of term. I cannot wait. In fact, I'm not waiting, I'm already getting started on my list of summer projects. I might've rearranged my entire living room last weekend and I might've repainted my hallway on a whim this afternoon…
That yellow you see, well it's called Bumble Bee and it's the colour of my new 'feature wall'.

I'm looking forward to having time for myself this summer. This summer I'm going to make my home beautiful. I'm going to stay with my friends. I'm going to make things. I'm going to grow things. I'm going to knit all the clothes I'll need for winter. I'm going to draw. I can't wait.

A ♥

ps. I tend not to talk about sad real-life things often here, but everyone gets heart broken and life goes on. I want Happy Daisy to be all about honesty. Even if it's not always happy honesty. 

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