Sunday, 23 September 2012

Things I am grateful for...

Happy Daisy

Spending evenings drinking hot chocolate with marshmallows, and dunking biscuits. Like minded friends. Starting a book you know will be brilliant. The university library. Independent art shops. Friends who cook the tastiest food. Knowing someone will be in when I get home. Moleskine notebooks. Doing a job that most of the time, is great. Beautiful albums. My dad and his never-ending usefulness. Walks in the park and reading books by the river. All the charity and secondhand shops where I live. A broadband connection. My Saturday-morning knitting group. The arrival of autumn. Cosy charity shop jumpers. Late night shows on local radio. Getting letters from far flung friends.

It's very busy here at the moment, I'm very thankful to have moments where I can just sit on the sofa under blankets. I'm determined to work very hard this year.

A ♥

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