Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Knitting Adventures: Wednesday Night is (or was) Knitting Night

Happy daisy Knitting Knit

You don’t need to be a keen-eyed reader of Happy Daisy to know that I’m a knitting fan, but if you are, you might also know that I run a knitting night at work, every Wednesday. It was something that my manager talked me into, back in March. The idea was to run a basics-for-beginners class and the thought terrified me! I am not an expert knitter and I have never taught anyone anything. But, it was pretty successful, complete beginners managed to cast on and leave having learnt the knit stitch. And thus, Wednesday Knitting Night was born. It quickly turned from a class to more of a knit-and-natter session and through it, I have met some fabulous people. 

Donna, who wanted to learn to knit clothes for her then-unborn baby (it was for her, that I knitted my very first baby jumper), to Tracey who made an epic scarf and brought in very tasty cakes for us, to Gail who makes fabulous creations to sell on folksy, to Aliga who taught me to crochet in minutes, to Nina who is one of the loveliest and talented ladies I have ever met, and her partner Ziyad - our only male knitter - who is equally lovely. And so many others. 

Tonight was our last Wednesday night*, as I’m cutting my shifts down to Saturdays only (which, weirdly, I’m really dreading) for uni. I feel so lucky to have met such lovely people and I have grown so much as a knitter. 

*we’re moving to Saturday morning’s from the end of the month, so it’s not all bad!
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