Tuesday, 7 August 2012


Happy Daisy Summer Life Film APS
This summer is flying by in a blur of to do lists and rain clouds. I haven't really had the chance to sit and relax and do all of the things I hope to do every summer yet somehow never find the time. I'm hoping to have a little bit of time to myself before I start my degree in September and life gets even more full on! 
Happy Daisy Summer Life Film APS
Happy Daisy Summer Life Film APS
These photographs were taken on a rare sunny day back in May, with my APS camera and expired film. I'm eagerly awaiting two more rolls of developed prints, they should be arriving any day now!

A ♥

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  1. Lovely prints! I have a roll of film I took on a SLR last summer that I'm really thinking I need to get around to developing. But I have fears that they are going to be ridiculously bad, for it was my first time using a film slr. Make time for relaxation, sounds like you really deserve it :)


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