Thursday, 23 August 2012

Being an adult is exhausting!

I have never felt more like a grown up than I have this week. I have cleaned and painted and researched ways of getting rid of horrible things like mildew in washing machines and burnt on grease in ovens. I have arranged for the phone to be connected and sorted a broadband contract. I have taken out the recycling and emptied the rubbish. I have negotiated a new route to work. I have eaten several sensible proper grown up dinners. I have discovered (and panicked about) a moth infestation. I have remembered to lock all the doors and windows. I still haven't met my housemate and there's a danger that my wool/fabric/vintage t-shirt collection will be eaten away at any second by these horrid beasts. But life is good. I have a moth-killing-kit winging it's way to me and tomorrow I'm going to continue repainting the hallway and hoover all the fabric surfaces and dark corners in the flat. -deep breaths- 

also, if you're not interested in my cleaning duties (and why would you be?! I'm sure you didn't find mouldy saucepans in the oven… urgh) I did a guest post for my friend Sylvie over at her blog, Oh My Fabric Heart, while she's sunning herself in South Africa. It's a DIY, you should have a peek :)

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