Tuesday, 3 July 2012

The Craft List

Happy Daisy Pinterest CraftsHappy Daisy Pinterest Crafts

I have a mild addiction to Pinterest. It's replaced the Facebook app (which I never got around to re-downloading on my phone, after Lent finished), as something I check - after emails, before I get out of bed. I lurk the DIY/Crafts boards for inspiration and I have a lot of projects I want to make, when I find the time. Originally featured at A Bubbly Life, this key-customization tutorial was a simple one that will stop the which-key-fits-which-door fluster I get into all the time! I made a set for my mum too, and a large part of me wants to cover all the keys I have access too in pretty polishes and make them in to necklaces - so there's another project to add to The Craft List - in an attempt to try new crafts and make more things, I've decided to publish the little Craft To Do List that's been living in the depths of my macbook pro for a couple of years now - I've whittled it down a fair bit - my tastes have changed somewhat over the past two years - some of the items are 'I saw it on Pinterest' type projects, whereas others will probably turn into DIYs.

If you've got any crafty suggestions - feel free to share - busy people are happy people!

A ♥
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