Sunday, 27 May 2012

Look what arrived this week...

My very own Lomo LC-A!
Happy Daisy
I've been eyeing up the LC-A+ on the lomography website for about eighteen months, but I just couldn't justify such a big outlay on a film camera (I know, my commitment to analogue is terrible!) when I could put that money towards a new lens for my Canon. So I started browsing eBay, which is pretty dangerous, I tend to spend money like it's water on there, but there are some bargains to be had if you've got the patience with auctions. I decided to purchase it's elder counterpart, the LC-A, just because of the big price difference really - I'm saving for university, every penny counts! Haha. I lost out on the first LC-A I set my sights on (by a measly £1.00, in the last 9 seconds), but I found this beauty up for Buy It Now, and she arrived this week!
I've yet to have a film developed from it - I suspect it will be very hit and miss focus-wise, until I get used to it! Any tips from LC-A owners or Photography pros are totally appreciated, I never studied photography and am blundering through it completely blind! haha.
Happy Daisy
In related news, my very first roll of blank film came back from the lab today, and it saddened my little heart, I can tell you. The downside of analogue, I suppose. I hope I have better luck with the rolls I'm currently shooting! I can't wait to see the results from my LC-A, I've been using the lomo xpro film, so I have high hopes. I hope you're having a lovely, sun-filled weekend. Stay cool! A ♥
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