Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Happy Daisy January 2012
It's not quite two weeks into January yet, and I've come down from my New-Year-New-Start high, with a bit of a bump. I've realised, as I do every year, that just because it's a New Year, does not mean I am suddenly a New Person, and that all last year's imperfections are magically fixed on January 1st (but how amazing would that be, though?!), I haven't actually started my New Year's diet yet and am feeling a bit chubby and rundown, I know that improvements have to come from within and whatnot, but I am feeling faintly trapped, both in my body and my hometown and at the moment. I'm hoping that this year is going to bring on a change of some sort, but as yet, I'm not sure how to go about helping it along. It's not all bad though, I've cut myself a harsh new fringe and my hair is currently a rather pleasant shade of orange, so things are not as bad as they might be. I'm looking forward to some time out from Actual Life at the end of the week, to go on some fun dates with the Boy Wonder and maybe make plans for the rest of two-thousand-and-twelve.

How is the New Year treating you? I can't be the only one with January blues! Axx
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