Friday, 9 December 2011

25 Days Of Christmas:: Day 9 :: A Christmas knitting adventure

Happy Daisy 25 Days Of Christmas
Back in the summer, when I'd just learnt to knit socks and had too much time on my hands, I had the brain wave of making Christmas stockings for Mum and I to hang up and put little presents in.
Happy Daisy 25 Days Of Christmas
Stockings hanging in their provisional home, not practical for several reasons a) heat from the fire and b) they are in fact being held up with selotape. They now live on the bookcase, hanging from nails and half full of gifts!

We decided it would be a good idea to hang up them up on December the first and put a present in everyday, until Christmas, so on Christmas morning, we'd both have a stocking to open. We set a £1 budget, per gift, which (besides me still frantically knitting the second stocking on November 29th) has been the most difficult thing about the idea. It's practically impossible to get a gift (one that you wouldn't just end up throwing away) for a pound. I've found myself going over budget a bit, and I still have 9 gifts to get! oops.

In terms of the knitting, they're not the best, I elongated my usual sock pattern (or they wouldn't have been big enough), and used double-knit wool, so they're a little lumpy and out of proportion, but they do the job! I am now, finally, sick of the sight of knitting socks. I have just over half a sock left before I can stop and knit something else! (preferably something for myself, but I do have two more presents to knit first!) Have you been knitting anything for Christmas? Axx
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