Friday, 23 December 2011

25 Days Of Christmas:: Day 23 :: Getting there!

Happy Daisy

Today I have baked about 50 pies, wrapped the last gifts, written the last card, put the finishing touches to the crackers, completed my 'costume' for work tomorrow and eaten over half of a tube of Pringles (hey, it's Christmas)! Our Christmas guest of honour has arrived, and things are pretty much all ready to go. I still have a couple of last minute things I want to do, when I get home from work tomorrow night, but I think it's all going to get finished! Which is always a relief! I'm going out for dinner with a friend tonight, then home to bed for my super early morning tomorrow! Ax

ps. have you heard the wonderful cover of Blue Christmas by Katie of Skunkboy Creatures? If not, you should have a listen, because it's fabulous. 
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