Tuesday, 20 December 2011

25 Days Of Christmas:: Day 20 :: Dress Up

Happy Daisy Christmas
I wanted to share this photo of me from... lots of years ago! I'm the angel by the way, that's my pal Robert dressed as a lamb! Can you spy me desperately clinging on to his hand, that's because I was terrified of people dressed up! (and nothing to do with the fact we were going to married! But I won't go into that here!) All credit for my costume goes to my mother, who was handy with the tin foil - we used to have a tin foil star on top of our tree too... Haha. 
I'm supposed to be concocting a festive outfit to wear at work this weekend - but there just isn't room for that on the To Do List! Anything non-essential has just got to go, which is a shame really as I like dressing up as much as the next person! (speaking of which, my Halloween Crown was featured on Rookie Magazine yesterday)

If you've got any super quick - super cheap costume ideas, send 'em my way! Or maybe I should just recreate my tinfoil angel wings!?
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