Sunday, 11 December 2011

25 Days Of Christmas:: Day 11 :: 2 weeks to go!

Happy Daisy 25 Days Of Christmas
This afternoon Mum and I ventured into the countryside to see if we could find any Holly for the Christmas pudding. It was pleasantly chilly outside, I took great delight in wearing my new yellow hat! 
Happy Daisy 25 Days Of Christmas
And look what we found:: Holly with yellow berries! This is something I have never seen before, so needless to say, I got very over excited. 
Happy Daisy 25 Days Of Christmas case you can't tell, yellow's my favourite colour! 
Happy Daisy 25 Days Of Christmas
And there's mum, pretending she's not related to me ;) 
Today has been a day for getting things done, I've marzipanned the Christmas cake, strung up about 50 baubles, made a handful of cards and I've spent the afternoon knitting up a storm. I've realised that today is one of my last free days up until Christmas, so I'm trying hard to make it count! I'm going to share a few peeks of the Christmas tree tomorrow - if I finish decorating it tonight! haha :) I hope you're having a lovely Sunday! Ax

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