Monday, 6 January 2014

Knitting Adventures: How Cold Is It? Mittens

Happy Daisy Knitting Adventures
These mittens were a Christmas present for a friend, knitted using this pattern from Drunk Girl Designs on Ravelry. Emma hates the cold, and loves this particular curse word, so it was a perfect pattern for her - and she seemed to like them!
Happy Daisy Knitting Adventures
They're knitted with secondhand machine coned yarn and took me a lot longer to make than they should've done! I'm blaming schoolwork for that ;) 
Happy Daisy Knitting Adventures
I added a crochet foundation chain to join the mittens - so they can be threaded through jacket sleeves (like you do with toddler's mittens!) so they don't get lost!

A ♥

If you don't like curse words, I apologise, but hey it's pretty snazzy colourwork, no? ;) 
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