Monday, 3 June 2013

Knitting Adventures: Yarn Store Spotlight

Happy Daisy Yarn Store Spotlight Amy Edwards Green Knitting Wool Knitting Adventures
I don't take much persuading when it comes to buying more yarn and in this new feature, I want to share some of my favourite places to shop.
Happy Daisy Amy Edwards Green Yarn Store Spotlight Wool Knitting Adventures Reviews
First up is Little Owl Crafts. Run by the lovely Heather Sherwood, Little Owl Crafts is an organic fibers and handspun yarn specialist store on etsy and it's what I'd describe as an undiscovered gem. 
I'm a big fan of supporting fellow UK crafters and Heather's yarns are all handspun in Exeter, Devon.
Happy Daisy Amy Edwards Green Yarn Store Spotlight Wool Knitting Adventures Reviews
She has a lovely selection of single ply yarns in a gorgeous array of colours - I still have a skein of pastel blue and green shades tucked away, but my favourite has to be her corespun yarn. I confess, I hadn't come across corespun yarn before stumbling upon Little Owl Crafts and my, what a happy discovery! A collection of fibers that she's sourced locally, Heather uses yarn from recycled sweaters as the core for this range.
Happy Daisy Knitting Adventures Honestly Knit Amy Edwards Green Yarn Wool Yarn Store Spotlight
available here
I bought a very similar skein to the one above, a while back and it was so much fun to knit with. I love textured art yarns - it was perfect to add to a plainer project to turn it into a statement piece.

You can find Little Owl Crafts on facebook - I'd recommend following to be first to know when Heather lists new yarns, so you can snap them up quickly!

I'm going to be sharing more of my favourite yarn-based haunts, including old favourites and new discoveries, over the coming weeks.

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