Thursday, 27 September 2012

Art School: In the studio

Happy Daisy University Art School
It has been a long time since I've been in a studio space - it feels good to be back. I like the white walls and the windows and the view. I like the drawings you can tape up and the stacks of paper everywhere and the plan chests lining the walls. 
Happy Daisy University Art School
This week we've been drawing everyday and it's been lovely to see how other people are working, that's one thing you don't get, drawing for hours on end at home. 
Happy Daisy University Art School
Happy Daisy University Art School
These are all drawings made whilst watching films in slow motion, which was really interesting - my list of Films to Watch is growing rapidly - but it's nowhere near as long as the Books to Read list, which we won't mention!

I'm going to the pop-up night market in town this evening, which some of the second years have been involved in, before a long day of life drawing tomorrow.

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  1. Lovely progress!
    I would love to see these lists so I can add some items to mine.


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