Thursday, 26 July 2012

My Life: A Little Update

Happy Daisy Instagram Crochet Life
It's been a little quiet here on the blog this week - the exact opposite of what it's been like in actual non-virtual life! If you follow me on twitter - you'll probably have seen my stressful outbursts as flat hunting got the better of me. I've been searching for somewhere to move in to in September, when I start my degree. I can say with relief that this is now sorted. I went to view a little maisonette flat with my parents on Sunday - and while it's not perfect, nor my "dream home" it's far better than Halls of Residence and will save me a very long commute every day.
Happy Daisy Instagram Crochet Life
So, in about three weeks time I'm going to be moving out of the home I've known for the last twenty years and in to a place not-quite-of-my-own, as I'm renting it with another student, but you get the picture. I'm excited to start making it into a home - I've been writing lists like a maniac, DIY projects that I want to make, Things I need to buy, Things I need to pack etcetera etcetera. 
Happy Daisy Instagram Crochet Life
I've been lurking the Home Decor boards on Pinterest to get some ideas and getting thoroughly overexcited! I brought a stack of cardboard boxes home yesterday (one of the perks of working in Retail - a ready access to decent sized boxes!) and I'm going to start a slow-and-steady session of packing everything I need, over the next couple of weeks. I have never moved house before, my family and I have lived in our current house since I was six months old, and I couldn't possibly of imagined how much there is to think about! Every five minutes I suddenly think of something else I need to take with me: bucket/hot water bottle/cutlery - my mind is racing!
Happy Daisy Instagram Crochet Life
In the midst of all the excitement, I've been working hard on my crochet blanket, which is getting pretty sizeable, I have three squares left to do, it's going to brighten up my new little bedroom a lot, I think!
So I'd like to apologise for the quiet here on the blog this week, but I assure you I have not been idling!

Has anyone got any tips on moving out for the first time? I'd love to hear them.
A ♥
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