Thursday, 2 February 2012

This week has been a creative roller coaster with long hours at work and my second portfolio request - you know that sense of urgency that sends you into productive overdrive? Well I have that! It's probably for the best, I spent a couple of evenings idling and it didn't do me any good at all!
Happy Daisy drawings
I'm working on one last project for my portfolio, something I'm colloquially referring to as Project Paragraph, a simple illustration project for the first paragraph of a book* I'm writing. I've spent the majority of the week at work, which means the nights here are long and cold, and I'm spending a great deal of them at my desk, pen in hand! Not that I'm complaining, I love it. 
Happy Daisy drawings
Although I've been feeling a little bit creatively frustrated this week, which is down to the never-ending self initiated projects, more than anything. I'm finding myself pining for a design brief! Still, I've been staying inspired by reading pretty books and browsing pinterest. 

On the subject of inspiration, I strongly urge you, if you're a creative type, or have a little bit of romance in your soul, to give the trailer for Like Crazy a watch, it's truly beautiful.

I went to see it yesterday, after struggling to find a cinema that it was playing at and although I'm really glad I saw it, in my opinion, the trailer is more poignant than the movie itself. The best thing about the film (apart from Felicity Jones's outfits and general beauty), is the fabulous camera angles and the fact that a great deal of it is shot in Britain. My favourite scene (featured briefly in the trailer) is the birds eye view of the couple, Anna and Jacob, sleeping. Single frames of them in bed, over a two month period. I hope I'm not the only one that gets excited about this, but it sparked off something in my little art-addled brain. A little part of me has always wanted to try film-making and there's something up close and intimate about this film, that makes me want to pick up a camera and try. Maybe over the summer.

In the meantime, I'm off to inhale more marker fumes do some more drawing. I'll be back tomorrow with My Week In Pictures! Ax

*book here meaning, zero draft, finishing it has been on the to-do list for about eighteen months, but you know how it goes.
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