Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Wishes and Wisdom

Happy Daisy
In my opinion, there are two types of inspiration, there's tiny spark of an idea related to a specific project. Then there's the huge rush of overwhelming emotion - the kind where you need to create something, anything. Sometime's the best things can come out of these moments. They're often triggered by a certain song, or a movie trailer, or a music video or a photograph. In that moment, I'm not just a girl living in a semi-detached house in a grubby corner of the south-east, I am an artist, I'm a write, a poet, a dreamer, an explorer, an adventurer. I am strong, unafraid and the world is my oyster.
Happy Daisy
I'm starting to feel trapped in the town I've always lived in, doing the things I've always done. I'm scared that I'm wasting the best years of my life. I want to run away into the sunset and go on adventure.

Who's with me?
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