Sunday, 18 December 2011

25 Days Of Christmas:: Day 18 :: This time next week...

Happy Daisy 25 Days Of Christmas
Happy Daisy 25 Days Of Christmas
There is a week to go, which should mean relaxing, drinking mulled wine and eating mince pies, right? Well if there's anyone out there doing so, please send hints and tips my way! I am a surprisingly organised person - I started working on things for Christmas back in August, but does that mean I'm not still frantically knitting one last gift? No, it does not. My to-do list is just getting longer - I've had to start delegating tasks! This is a big deal for me, I am a control freak ;) 
Happy Daisy 25 Days Of Christmas
A Christmas To-Do List::
- Finish the cards.
- Deliver cards.
- Wrap gifts. 
- Make gift tags.
- Ditto Christmas crackers. 
- Finish knitting one last present.
- Ice the cake.
- Make more mince pies. 
- Make an extra special card. 
- Buy some last minute gifts. 
- Distribute gifts.
- Work some open-till-close shifts at work...
Happy Daisy 25 Days Of Christmas
These photos are from a little adventure my mum and I had, in town the other day, which basically involved her taking a photo of me, in front of every Christmas tree we saw! (there wasn't actually that many about! Sadface!)
Happy Daisy 25 Days Of Christmas

Here's to a productive week! Axx
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